Volunteer Recruitment

All volunteer roles will have a clearly defined, written role description and a written list of both minimum and desired skills required for the specific role. Volunteer selection will adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy

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Induction and Training

All volunteers will receive a full induction for the work they are involved in. All written role descriptions, policies etc will be communicated both verbally and in writing. A copy will be given to the volunteer to keep and refer to.


Support for Volunteers

All volunteers will be given a supervisor from the beginning of their volunteering. The role of the supervisor is to ensure volunteers’ satisfaction and facilitate their personal and professional development.

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Related policies and procedures: Equal opportunities policy, confidentiality policy, Complaints procedure and health and safety policy nn1)tPolicy statementnnThe CTG-UK welcomes and supports the development of volunteer involvement. When involving volunteers in our own work it is very important for both the volunteer supervisor and volunteers to have a clear understanding of the volunteer’s role and contribution to the organisation and what the volunteer will gain from the experience. CTG-UK will monitor and ensure that no volunteer role will replace or duplicate work that is normally paid.n